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Until I came in to Advanced Hearing Center, I had no idea what I was missing in life!

I always knew that I had some hearing loss, but after an evaluation of my hearing, I learned that it was much more significant than I had imagined. The friendly staff at Advanced Hearing went out of their way to make me feel comfortable during my first visit. In my initial evaluation, the audiologist was careful to explain everything in terms that I could understand, cover the available options and answer all of my questions. I felt completely at ease through the entire process; from the moment that I walked in the door.

I have had my hearing aids for several months now and it still amazes me every day that those ‘itty bitty’ devices can make such a BIG difference for me. The clarity and depth of what I can now hear is incredible; Even though I do not have a severe hearing loss, the difference made by my hearing aids is a wonderful thing for me. I enjoy life much more now than I ever did before.

Thank you, Advanced Hearing Center! You’re definitely helping others improve their quality of life through better hearing. This effort is finely executed with great customer service, friendly faces, an understanding staff, current technology and a willingness to listen and help.

Dallas , Texas

Very pleasant experience with the office. I never had to wait very long in the waiting room. Fantastic experience with audiologist both when I was tested in the building I work in and again in your office. The device I decided to get has improved my hearing. I have already referred my spouse to have her hearing checked.

Plano, Texas

My experience was great. Dr. Hinrichs was very informative, took time with me and answered all my questions. I was ecstatic that my hearing loss was treatable and now I have hearing aids and I hear things that I probably don’t want to hear! I will definitely recommend Advanced Hearing Center to family and friends.

- A.G.
Grapevine, Texas

I was treated well. The staff was friendly and helpful. Audiologist was very thorough and knowledgeable. She explained the process during my visit. She made sure I knew how to work with my hearing aids and the other devices supplied with them. I am satisfied my hearing needs were met. My wife is satisfied with her hearing aids also. I have already referred people to Advanced Hearing Center.

McKinney, Texas

The staff was considerate and helpful. Doctor seemed knowledgeable and thorough during the appointment. I already knew I had hearing loss and tinnitus, but wanted to get a check-up.

Fort Worth, Texas

My experience with Advanced Hearing Center was excellent! I was not rushed and felt the audiologist, June, wanted to get it right with me. The staff is well trained and I feel my hearing needs were met. For sure, I would recommend Advanced Hearing Center.

Flower Mound, Texas

I had a great experience at Advanced Hearing Center. Dr. Moss knows what he is doing. I kind of knew I had a hearing loss before I was tested, but I was happy to hear that my insurance would help cover the cost for hearing aids and how much they have helped me. I do plan to refer anyone who needs hearing aids to Dr. Moss.

Grapevine, Texas

Excellent experience. The reception was warm and I felt very comfortable. June (audiologist) is an angel. She was very patient with me and answered all of my questions. I had no idea what I was missing. I knew I had some hearing loss, but had no idea how bad it was. But, I was sort of expecting the diagnosis I received. I LOVE my hearing aids and kick myself every time I think about how long I waited to take some action on the hearing problem.

-Southwest Airlines Employee
Dallas, Texas

My experience with Advanced Hearing Center office was wonderful, the wait was not long. I knew I was having difficulty for quite a while so it was no surprise to learn I had a hearing loss. June was terrific, attentive, listened, allowed me time to ask questions, covered the material with me and everything I would need to know about my new hearing aids. I was absolutely satisfied with Advanced Hearing Center and will recommend my family and friends to the practice.

Richardson, Texas

I have been a patient at Advanced Hearing Center for several years and my experience is good, as always. I have been very pleased with your services. I had put off doing anything and I met one of your audiologists at my work for a screening. He showed me I did not have to live with a hearing loss. The three audiologists that I have seen in the office have been very attentive and worked with me to insure my hearing aids were set correctly. I have sent our church secretary to your office and referred others as well.

Nevada, Texas

My experience was pretty good/nice. Dr. Hinrichs was very nice & explained in detail what she was doing as she was doing it, & went over the overall results where we understood them clearly. Being diagnosed with a hearing loss actually didn’t surprise me, but I knew I wanted to get my hearing issue resolved as quickly as possible. So far, your office referred to a specialist & having ear surgery on my ear (due to it relating to the bones in my ear). We placed an order for a hearing aid & waiting to see if I still need it or not. We will not know anything for a little while, then I will come back into your office for a retest & can go from there on whether more help hearing is needed or not. I have been trying to get my husbands aunt to come to you guys (as she is over 50 & can’t hear well at all). I’m slowly working on her & she has now become open to possibly coming & getting tested.

Rowlett, Texas

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