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Custom Earmolds

Custom earmolds can be made for hearing aids, noise protection, swimming, and musicians. All custom hearing aids and earmolds are made from a “cast” of the ear with a soft and wet material that takes about 5 to 10 minutes to set up.

We work with quality manufacturers of custom ear molds to bring you comfortable, effective hearing protection for a full range of applications.

  • Westone makes a variety of custom-fit hearing protection products for work, recreation and
    entertainment environments.
  • Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation provides custom-made products to control the damaging effects of loud sound, especially for musicians.

In ear monitors help you hear accurately so you can perform at your peak. The monitors eliminate feedback, lower onstage noise levels and reduce vocal fatigue. The custom-made ear molds protect your ears while allowing you to hear with clarity and crispness.

Custom-made Noise molds reduce loud sounds, such as music, gunfire, engines and airplanes.

Hearing aid earmolds are custom-made to fit in the ear canal and allow sound to be directed into the ear canal.

Custom Ear MoldsSwim molds are custom-made and form a seal to help prevent water from entering the ear canal. These are normally recommended to patients who have pressure equalization (PE) tubes or perforated eardrums, as well as those prone to swimmers ear.


Custom Ear Molds

Custom Ear Molds

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