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Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing Aid Follow-Up

At Advanced Hearing Center, our emphasis is on understanding your unique needs and fitting you with the hearing system that will best serve those needs. To protect your hearing aid investment, we recommend that you schedule an appointment at our Dallas, Texas office for your a hearing aid cleaning and check every three to six months.

The most common causes of hearing aid failure are moisture and earwax accumulation. Problems associated with earwax can be prevented by cleaning your hearing aid regularly and scheduling hearing aid checks with us.

Moisture damage can be controlled with an electronic Dry & Store unit, which uses fans to circulate air around the internal components of the hearing aid and absorb moisture into a dessicant bar. It also includes a germicidal light that kills most bacteria and germs.

Hearing Aid Batteries

hearing aid batteriesMost hearing aid batteries have a life span of 5 – 15 days, depending on usage. Once you remove the sticker from the back of the battery, it is “turned on” or activated. To help preserve the lifespan of the battery, open the battery door to your hearing aid when not in use.

Check with us for the battery size you need for your hearing aid if you aren’t sure. The most common sizes of batteries are:

  • Size 10: YELLOW
  • Size 312: BROWN
  • Size 13: ORANGE
  • Size 675: BLUE

WARNING: All hearing aid batteries are toxic and dangerous if swallowed. Keep all batteries away from children and pets.

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